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A Short History

The Atlanta Lawyers' Orchestra, modeled after established lawyers' orchestras in New York, Boston and Chicago, was founded in the autumn of 1999 to bring together instrumentalists from the legal field to share their love of music.

On June 15, 2000, the ALO had its first public concert.  The orchestra quickly grew to its current membership of over 40 musicians.

Alysa Freeman (flute) founded the orchestra, and original ALO members include Jeannie Wiley (flute), Tom McDermott (violin), Shinji Morokuma (clarinet), Jordan Forman (clarinet) and Janet Conley (cello).  We incorporated and became a501(c)(3) organization in early 2002. 

Our first conductor was Patrick Denney, and our second Paul Jasionowski who was with us for several years and to whom we are greatly indebted. 

Our Maestro is Dahlan Robert Foah, who has done a tremendous job of increasing both the musical quality of the orchestra and the membership.   We offer six concerts a year.

Recently, we adapted our moniker to become The Atlanta Musicians' Orchestra, reflecting the reality that the membership of the orchestra is broader and more varied than ever. New members are welcome, and there are no auditions required.

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